Why the Goose Egg Works

The Energy Needs to Go Somewhere

The omega shape works by absorbing energy at the point of contact and disbursing it out of ports to the side, away from the brain.

We have the Science to Prove it

After our product testing at the University of Alberta, the results blew us away. Our Goose Egg showed a 70% reduction in force that would otherwise permeate through the skull and make its way into the brain. Vastly reducing the devastating impacts of sudden deceleration and acceleration of the brain within the skull.

Acceleration .x. Time

With a standard helmet (blue line), you can see the sudden spike of force on the head. Vs the red line (standard helmet with Goose Egg), the force is reduced by 2/3rds and is spread out over a longer period.


The Goose Egg is a impact reduction device that when worn with accordance of a sports helmet, drastically cuts down the force in which a fall or blow to the head might occur.

The Goose Egg

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