How does it work ?

Albert discovered the right combination of materials that both absorb and dissipate impact energy. Using his extensive knowledge of advanced composite materials.

Part of the secret, Al used a very small-molecule resin that has very unique fracture mechanics. “This is kind of the opposite of what most resin manufacturers are usually trying to achieve.”  We know we got it right” !

What makes this device work, Al knew it was a necessity to use deformable materials on the outside of the helmet, rather than the inside. Now the energy has a place to dissipate outwards away from the head. So the Goose Egg was hatched shall we dare to say.

The Impact Reduction Device mounts easily to the back of any hard shell helmet. Why the back? Research has shown that 68% of concussions are due to impacts to the back of the head relating to falls, in hockey, Skiing, and Snowboarding.  Ref: [5]

The Goose Egg was tested at the University of Alberta.   Our *patent pending technology showed the largest reduction of impact levels ever seen to our knowledge, that’s a 70% Reduction.

The Goose is light weight, (under one ounce), thinner than 1 inch, is priced right, and does not damage the helmet itself.

*We have now been granted full U.S. Patent  USP62/127,357