Our Journey

I guess you could say Al’s journey started way back in the garage back in the 1980’s when much to dads dismay he cut apart his water ski to see how it was made.

Originally the device was intended for the front and sides of football and hockey helmets, so Al approached the Edmonton Eskimo’s football team, with one of the early devices he made, but this was abandoned as it was thought the players could use it as a weapon.

In Al’s, quest for the right solution he found that 68% of head injuries were caused from falling backwards onto a hard surface, and not from hits. It is very hard to use the back of a head as weapon, but it is harder to protect the back of the head when falling, this changed his direction completely.

So this is why we The Goose Egg was born. With its primary purpose is to help reduce these type of impacts.

Al knew he could create a better product that could greatly reduce impacts in sports, so he got to work. With Albert’s extensive experience working with advanced composites, such as carbon fiber and Kevlar, he had the experience and knowledge to make this happen.

“Thus far, no helmet company has been able to come close to our technology.

It has been a long road for us all, we tested over 100 prototypes until we were satisfied with our in-house testing. Developing the right resin to withstand the mechanics of severe impacts, and using just the right combination of composite materials.

We then contacted Tec Edmonton, and together with UA Solve and secured a grant for our official testing at the University of Alberta, Biomedical instrumentation laboratory.

This type of testing is very expensive, so we were very fortunate to be able to secure a grant from Tec Edmonton, and UA Solve to do this. So once all the meetings were completed, and the forms were signed. We handed over our best Prototypes for the ASTM testing.

The day the anvil dropped, on our Goose Egg we knew we did it !