Below are you’ll find answers to our most commonly asked questions.

  • Why the back of the helmet?

A: We use the back of the helmet due to over whelming majority of head injuries occurring from athletes striking their head on the base of the skull.

  • How long does the Goose Egg last?

A: The Goose Egg lasts until the athlete requires it. Otherwise we recommend replacing it every 12 months to keep the Egg in tip tip shape.

  • What do you do after the Goose Egg has been “used”

It is as simple as popping out the old Goose Egg out of the container and replacing it with a new one.

  • Can the Goose Egg go on any helmet?

A: The Goose Egg is designed to adhere to any type and any size of protective helmet including hockey, football, snowboarding, cycling, skiing, skateboarding, ringette etc.

  • Can the athlete still receive a concussion while wearing the Goose Egg?

A: There is nothing on the market that can gurantee 100% concussion protection. Although with a 70% reduction in forces the Goose Egg is a market leader in protection.