Why the back of the helmet?

A: With over 66% of concussions coming from falls, strikes and blows to the back of the head, the Goose Egg provides the highest level of protection to the highest likelihood area of injury.

How long does the Goose Egg last?

A: The Goose Egg is built to last until the athlete needs its protection. Otherwise we recommend swapping it out every 12 months.

What happens after the Goose Egg has been compressed?

A: After the Goose Egg is compressed, it is as simple as pulling the used one out of the holder, and popping the new one in.

Can I put it on any helmet?

A: The Goose Egg is designed to be adhered to any protective sports helmet, including hockey, football, lacrosse, snowboarding, skiing, skateboarding, cycling etc.

Can the athlete still receive a concussion while wearing the device?

A: Nothing exists that can 100% protect against concussion, however the Goose Egg provides the best reduction in transfer of force to the head on the market.

The Goose Egg

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