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The Goose Egg is a division of Dynamic Composites

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The Inventor and Principle Designer Albert Beyer has been in the forefront of the advanced reinforced plastics industry since the 1980’s with production design and manufacture of a wide spectrum of composite products.

Al’s design and R&D work has been featured in many magazines and publications. Al has produced and manufactured of a wide spectrum of composite products. Very brief history of some of Albert’s R&D accomplishments.

Some achievements include:

  • Disk Wheels for the Canadian National Cycling Team (1984 Olympics)
  • Aero helmets for the Canadian National Cycling Team (1984 Olympics)
  • Ultralight Gyrocopter Rotorblades (Best Engineered Award – Oshkosh, 1990)
  • Ultralight Gyrocopter Bodies (Best New Product – Oshkosh, 1990)
  • Aeroframe Bicycles
  • Ultralight Aircraft Canopies and fuselage & Aircraft propellers
  • Water-skis (Tournament slalom skis)
  • Composite helmet shells and components
  • The Goose Egg-Advanced composite Impact Reduction Device for Hockey and Snowboard helmets.

With continued support from both the National Research program and the Alberta Research Council the company has been able to concentrate on product research, testing and development, as well as diversify its plant production layout.

Continuous development of mold systems to mass produce this type of monocoque bike frame has enabled the company to quickly and accurately produce consistent framesets. By manufacturing their own monocoque from resin and fiber the company has been able to build more functional and aerodynamic shapes.

Al has worked in conjunction with Dr. David Marsden, P. Eng in the design and manufacture of his ultralight aircraft components. Dr. Marsden is a world renowned aerodynamics engineer who currently holds the world record for distance traveled by a glider, covering three provinces.

The founder, president and principal designer, Mr. Al Beyer, obtained his degree as a Material Engineering Technologist with the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology.

For more information please contact Al at:  http://www.dynamiccomposites.com/