Jakob Reichert after suffering a career ending concussion

Are helmet companies doing all they can to protect us?

Like so many athletes Jakob Reichert was wearing a typical hockey helmet during the game that ended his NHL aspirations. He can’t help but wonder if he had better protection, would he still be playing hockey?

Two layered sandwich

Technology in todays helmets has not changed much over the years. Sure there is more foam and plastic, and fancier graphics, but its made like a simple two layer sandwich.

Energy needs to go somewhere

The problem with your typical helmet today is when you have a hard impact whether from falling backwards onto the ice or getting a hard hit from behind, that energy needs to go somewhere.

You might be surprised to learn a lot of that energy is directly transferred into the helmet its self where the momentum carries though to your skull then brain. Its called the path of least resistance, and this is what can cause a concussion.

By this time the damage has already been done

Don’t get us wrong, we know the industry has tried to come up with a solution, but they seem to think the problem can be solved on inside the helmet. We on the other hand, believe the focus should be on the outside the helmet.

Inside the box thinking

Sure, there are devices on the market that alert someone if an impact has occurred, but these add-on devices do nothing to slow down impact it’s self. In fact they only record it, which in its self is a great tool, but its not solving the problem. We also need to mention the much hyped MIPS system which only adds only a 10% reduction in managing rotational forces. Good, but not good enough.

Goose Egg is born

The Goose Egg mounts easily to the back of most any Hockey Helmet

We knew we had to think outside the helmet to help protect athletes like Jakob.

Albert Beyer a well-known R&D Materials Engineering Technologist for the past 30 years, felt no hard shell helmet can drastically reduce impact levels to the head, this is why he developed The Goose Egg.

With Albert’s extensive experience working with advanced composites, such as carbon fiber and Kevlar, he had the experience and knowledge to look at the problem from a completely different view point, don’t let the energy enter the inside of the helmet in the first place.

Data tells us falling is the second leading cause of accidental death worldwide and is a major cause of personal injury. Research also shows that 68% of concussions are due to impacts to the back of the head relating to falls, this applies to many sports like, Hockey, Skiing, and Snowboarding to name a few. So what can be done?

We had one goal in mind improve the to safety

Why not slow down the speed of the initial blow

We came up with an anti impact device we call the Goose Egg that mounts on the back of the helmet where most impacts occur. With its unique omega shape this small device dissipates the energy on the outside of the helmet before it even has the chance to enter, thus controlling it away it from athlete head and a possible head injury.

Tested at the University of Alberta, the data shows our add-on device greatly reduces the impacts by a whopping 70% !

Our fully patented technology is unlike anything else on the market